If you are taken into custody by the “police Scotland”

When can you be arrested by the police Scotland and taken into custody

This page explains what the police mean:

  • Police Scotland
  • The British Transport Police
  • The MOD police
  • The Civil Nuclear Constabulary.
  • Arrest allows police to take you into police Scotland custody at a station or hospital.

An officer may use reasonable force to arrest someone. This means that they can use reasonable force to arrest you. You can file a complaint if you feel that a police forces Scotland officer used excessive force.

You can be arrested more than once for the same crime. You could be arrested, questioned and released without being charged. If new evidence is discovered, you can be arrested again.

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Are warrants required by the police Scotland

Warrants are legal documents which state the reasons for an arrest. They are issued by Justices of Peace or Sheriffs.

A warrant is not necessary for police Scotland to arrest you.

A warrant should be obtained by the police Scotland officer for less serious offenses that would not result in a sentence of imprisonment. This exception is only when the police officer believes it’s in the best interests of justice to immediately arrest you. For example, if the crime will continue, avoid arresting or destroying evidence. The police shooting officer will decide.

If they have reasonable grounds to suspect that you are or have been convicted of a crime, a police officer can arrest you without a warrant. You could be:

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You may be seen running away or committing a crime.

A credible witness has accused you of having been seen committing a crime.

Other laws that are not related to an offense can also be used to arrest you, such as a court order for your partner to stay away (a matrimonial imprisonment).

If they suspect you of being a terrorist, a Police officers Scotland officer can arrest you without a warrant.

The warrant authorizes the officer to conduct an intimate body search on the arrested person. This is a’strip’ search, but not an invasive one that would require an internal examination.

What should you do if you are arrested?

  • It is important to be informed as soon as possible
  • You are under arrest
  • What offence are you being held responsible?
  • Why you are being held hostage?
  • Your rights to not say anything except your name, address and date of birth.
  • Your right to consult a solicitor.

These things might not be possible for the police officer to immediately tell you, but they should inform you as soon as possible. Although an arrest isn’t necessarily illegal if you were not told these things during your arrest, you should inform your solicitor.

If you request identification, a plain-clothes officer will show it to you as soon as possible.

You can be arrested by the police Scotland and released after that. As long as there was a good reason to make the initial arrest, the police encounter officer may not take further action.

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